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There is common misunderstanding of “Breathing meditation or exercise”. I would start to say, “Your breathing is perfect!” Because you are breathing perfectly appropriate in this moment from your internal systemic needs, while you constantly experience “letting go”, “reconnecting”, “releasing”, “opening”, “reintegration”, internal alignment processes with your body, heart and the energy system with the rhythm of cosmos. The breathing changes, flows, it reminds you to reconnect with the whole cosmic breath, energy and love.

Breathing, life is happening now from your relationship with the whole universal energy, awakening into consciousness!

Many of us are still in the mode of “trying to breathe or force to breath right from your greediness for more power and energy”. You already know it doesn’t work like that. Please be with natural effortless breathing. There are more side effects with forcing the breath, than benefits.

There is no breathing exercise. It is very important to do “breathing movements in awareness”, starting with simple observation over your natural breathing, over your body, mind/heart, life, and the whole. It is the practice of “waking up” from unconscious reactiveness toward life full potential, full consciousness manifestation.

Love & Blessing!

Yu, Jae – Sheen


My dear brothers and sisters,
After retreat or workshop or even personal meeting with amazing intensified cosmic breath, energy, love, joy of awakening, even with some other programs, yes, it is an amazingly beautiful meeting with your “inner being”, yes, you say that “I finally realized and experienced that I can walk, fly and float with this support of cosmic breath, energy and massive love , that I’ve been with, which I am, I am that I am!!”

But still Home….
You go home, at work, school, or family…  “Ahhh I thought that I could love the whole world and cosmos…” You are feeling left alone, abandoned, betrayed, even angry.

There is a saying in my culture to monks: “Enlightened monks do not go to your home town!” Well, those who came back after long retreat or workshop, he or she can be faced with those who are asking lovely to talk what they are interested in, or just simply asking “Hey Joe (or Ana) come over for some beers” and  “Your mother is doing well?”, etc. This kind of questions trap you in a box of re-identification and now you are in the “ordinariness”. But it is amazing chance to integrate your light and limitlessness in the life with its ordinariness, with simple love, joy, gratitude and warm heart response. Yes, it is not easy…

Some of us want to fix the biggest demon in their life, some might face “So you are now kind of enlightened?”, “Who do you think you are Joe, you are not an Indian”, “Oh, now you want to fix this? Yes you really want to fix with your “thinking mind”. You want to fix things with your mind interpretation of the methodology, which you simply figured it out (I even don’t know how you did, but you did some how). And now you are working on… I only can say good luck with that.

When you come back home, work, school and try to fix the biggest demon, is like after a few class of boxing gym, and you go to your home town, to the gangsters who bothered you so much, asking them for a death match. What will happen? Ouch!! You will be totally helplessly beat up badly. And you might feel betrayal, disappointment to you cosmic breath, energy, love and all, your teacher and master. You might even say I am not going to try this again in my life. Deeply you feel wounded even more, left alone, “the whole universe abandoned me again”, even more anger, resentment, depression, hopelessness…

So do not forget, it is not a fight back! It is about loving back. It is inner work. You just need to trust others role in your journey and constantly align your inner state with the rhythm of cosmic energy with the highest vibration.

Some of us also go with “OK, this time I failed again! Shame on me! But I will find out “HOW” to fix it! I might need to take another course.”  A lot of us are doing it many years, even many lifetimes.

When I ask my friends, full time meditators (more than 14hours/day), who’ve been in the monastic lifestyles, what they are working on, or what demons are arising these days, usually, the answer is family or some undone business…  So you need to give way more credit to those issues, which you intend to change, rather than breathe with, observe them clearly, with awakened eyes.

So do not judge yourself at all, your experience can not define you, you just need to be realigned. Therefore, I put some more emphasis on the importance of your daily practice.

One teacher used to tell us “1hour/day (it does not matter when) is crucial, survival, 2hours is maintaining, 3hours is slight improvement, no practice is suicidal!”

Again our job is constantly re-connect, re-concile, re-integrate, re-align our state (this body/mind/spirit complexity) with this cosmic breath, energy, love, joy, gratitude & happiness! Nothing else!

If you met me before, I know that you do not need to ask again “HOW”. You know what to do, using wise responses such as watching, waiting, breathing, receiving, accepting, moving into, smiling, hugging, embodying, forgiving, allowing, releasing, connecting, resting, …  meditation & movements in awareness, the effortless somatic transformation, “THE ART OF BREATHING”. I love you all!!

Love & Blessing!

Yu, Jae – Sheen

Inner Alignment

First you need to shift your mode from force (under 200) to power & creation (more than 200). We are not our feelings, thoughts, or emotions…

Second, your job is not being guided by rational mind system, as it does not help you to be in balance and harmony, which is manifesting every moment. Your job is making yourself feeling emotionally great with your mind/body heath, love-relationship life, sexuality, money, and work. To do that you need to move with full breathing and practice even more for internal re-alignment again, and again, and again, for at least 45minutes/day, with minimum 15minutes seating with total energy alignment.

Yes, at least 15~60minute sacred time for you! It can be anytime. You can start your morning with meditation, with energy breathing with your power center and then you breathe all day long with your power center – it is symbol of master within.

Third, when you are well aligned with the rhythm of cosmic energy, there are deep suffusing peace and love, that guides you to expend, to create from your very uniqueness, to listen with your heart.

Fourth, you are the miracle, meaning life itself, love itself. You are, are you? Yes!
Find inside and outside gratitude and miracle all the time. I mean all the time! And take a risk always! Be the new you always. Today is good day to start! Today is a good day to live and love fully!

Love & Blessing!

Yu, Jae – Sheen

Life full potential

It is very important to live and love fully, truly and fearlessly. Live your life as a unique gift. Even though you have everything, if you don’t live your life with your uniqueness, that nobody can duplicate, then you will not be happy. Honor yourself as you are.

Love & Blessing!

Yu, Jae Sheen


As I relax,
I feel the full support of Mother Earth & Father Blue Sky, and connect energy to “the center of Mother Earth” through my root chakra. And as I am welcoming, receiving, the full breath of universe, I connect my heart through crown chakra with “the heart of the universe”.

Yes, I am eternal cosmic being, pure consciousness having human EXPERIENCE for the full consciousness expansion, manifestation, realization, actualization. I fully honor all life EXPERIENCE of my past. I honor all life EXPERIENCE, now, with deepest gratitude.

I let go all the disapproval on others (person, country, family, company, group, etc…) I give them full approval and love!  And I let go all the disapproval on myself, and I give full approval & love to myself! I let go all the wanting love, approval, control, safety, truth, power and freedom, so I have all the love, approval, control, safety, trust, power and freedom, now.
Yes I have them all!

Yes, I am! I am a unique, an amazing human being (a woman, a daughter, a mother – a man, a father, a son) on the Earth, I am the unique gift for all on the Earth with love, joy, gratitude & happiness.
Yes, I am the love, joy, gratitude, happiness, freedom, power and harmony! I am the knowing and the wisdom!

I am an amazing unique human being, richness of the Earth, abundance of universe, over flowing creativity, wealth of life. And I am fully supported in everything that I do from the whole universe.

Oh~ I am!!~ I am the love, I love you, I love you all, I love myself, I am in love, I am the love!
I am eternal cosmic being, pure consciousness! I am the beginning & the end!
I am the nothingness & the wholeness!
I am the love and I am in love with this miraculous life!

My mission is clear, as to live and love truly and fearlessly this life its full potential, as I share this unique flavor or love & light every moment, with effortless happiness.
Oh, I love you, I love you all, I love myself, oh I am in love, I am the love, and the Dao!

Love & Blessing!

Yu, Jae – Sheen